Our Story

How It All Began

When I was in college, there were many days away from home when I longed for the taste of my aunt’s homemade kimchi. To remedy this, I decided to host a Korean BBQ dinner one evening. The store-bought kimchi we ate that night let me down. That soggy, bland cabbage was not the kimchi I knew at all! 

Just as I was about to share my thoughts, my friend motioned to the jar and exclaimed how much she loved this "real" kimchi. Another friend validated my opinion, simply by the disapproving expression on his face.

At that moment, I realized that whether people love it or hate it, this watery, one-note creation is what most people in the Western world know as “kimchi.” I couldn’t help but think—if only they knew what real kimchi tastes like—a buttery bite of umami, sweetness, and spice mixed with fresh garlic and ginger. It would blow their minds (and their taste buds!).

This was the spark that ignited Komo’s Kimchi Paste— a high-quality kimchi paste that would enable Korean food enthusiasts to make fresh and fermented, customizable kimchi at home.

Korean Tradition, From My Family to Yours 

Handcrafted family traditions are at the heart of Komo’s Kimchi Paste. In the Korean language, “Komo” means “aunt from your dad’s side of the family”, and my brand is an ode to my beloved aunt.


(Left to right) 1. Komo and Uncle at my brother's Dol 2. Mom and Dad practicing self-care in their dating days3. Loving aunts from my mom's side who always made Korea feel like home 4. The An siblings (me, Adam, Allen, and Andy)

I used my aunt’s recipe as inspiration, playing with the formula to develop a paste that works with all types of produce. It took two years of smelling funky and having red stains all over my clothes to create a perfect paste—one that ferments beautifully and can be used as a dressing on produce like bok choy, napa cabbage, tomatoes, snap peas, and more.

Perfectly Balanced, Fresh and Fermented Kimchi Every Time

On my site, you’ll find two products: Komo’s Kimchi Paste and a DIY Kimchi Kit that includes the paste, a kimchi recipe book, a fermentation jar, and a thermometer. Kimchi-making novices need not fret—Komo’s Kimchi Paste makes whipping up this Korean delicacy a breeze. By following my simple directions, you’ll be enjoying fresh, perfectly tangy kimchi in just a few days. 

Just like I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying fresh kimchi, I hope that Komo’s Kimchi Paste will enable more people to experience the umami, sweetness, and spice of authentic Korean kimchi in their own kitchens.