Perilla Leaf Kimchi

Perilla Leaf Kimchi

Kkaennip Kimchi (깻잎김치)


35 min.


Cut the Perilla Leaf stems if they are tough.


30 Perilla leaves
1½ Tbs. Coarse Kosher salt
1½ cups of water
½ cup Komo’s Kimchi Paste



Wash both sides of each of the 30 Perilla leaves in cold water.

Place them in a bowl with 1½ cups of water. Add 1½ Tbs. Coarse Kosher salt, gently mix, and let it stand for 30 minutes

Drain the water and shake the leaves dry. Spoon 1 tsp. of paste onto the center of the perilla leaf and evenly spread the paste to the outer edges and stem. Repeat this process and stack the leaves on top of each other.

Place the leaves into a plastic bag and remove any air pockets and seal tightly against the leaves to ensure there is no contact with oxygen.

Eat it fresh or leave it out for fermentation. For fermentation time and temperature, check out our FAQ page. 

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