Baby Bok Choy Kimchi

Baby Bok Choy Kimchi

Bok Choy¬†Geotjeori¬†(Ž≥ĶžīąžĚī¬†Í≤Čž†ąžĚī)


35 min.


If you use larger bok choy, split them lengthwise for even salting.


1 lb. baby bok choy
1 Tbs. Coarse Kosher salt 
¬Ĺ¬†cup of Komo‚Äôs Kimchi Paste
¬Ĺ small red onion
¬Ĺ cup broccoli slaw
1 Tbs. Sesame oil



Cut off the stems of 1 lb. of baby bok choy to separate the leaves. Rinse and drain. 

Sprinkle 1 Tbs. Coarse Kosher salt on the bok choy, and toss well to coat evenly. Leave it for 30 minutes until softened. Mix halfway to ensure even salting.

Gently squeeze excess water from the bok choy. Drain the water from the bowl, and rinse roughly¬†¬ĺ¬†of the bok choy. Do not rinse the remaining¬†¬ľ section.

Mix all of the bok choy with¬†¬Ĺ a small red¬†onion,¬†¬Ĺ cup¬†broccoli slaw, and¬†¬Ĺ¬†cup¬†Komo‚Äôs Kimchi Paste. Toss everything well by hand until the bok choy pieces are well coated and add¬†1 Tbs. of sesame oil¬†before serving. Eat within 1 to 3 days.

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